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Full Version: Hercules
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I made my own user levels for original Colobot. It's about the planet called Hercules. What do you think about my levels?

If You see some errors in my work or some spelling mistakes then I am glad if you tell me that.

Instructions available in Polish and English. The Polish version works properly only in Colobot 1.9/pl. And the English version works properly only in English Colobot. Not available user levels for Colobot: Gold Edition. If someone would like to do that for me it will be great.

Downloading from dropbox:

And for those who doesn't have 7-zip:

And some screenshots:
[Image: 6VjqSjc.jpg]
[Image: YquGfa5.jpg]
[Image: r6EpIzK.jpg]
If you are looking for some more info on userlevels in Gold Edition, take a look at our GDD. Most of the changes in level structude are already documented (chapter 5.2, pay attention to things on purple background). The only thing I can see is missing is the data directory structure and how to properly make mods for the game, for now you can take a look at the sample attached to original userlevel guide ported for Gold -
It looks cool. Good idea to use engineers as crews. Sadly it's working only for old colobot Rolleyes  I think I'll do these missions  Wink
Can you download somewhere a compiled version of it?
What do you mean by "compiled"? If you mean a version for Colobot Gold, then I'm afraid I can't help you.
I think I'll try compiling the planet if I have time.(I sadly don't know tho on which site I can upload it)
Why would you do it? I don't really think these levels are worth compiling to Colobot Gold... These are way more better and already compiled, however it's in Polish.
1.I want to play them and you aren't able to have colobot and colobot:gold installed at the same time on ubuntu...
2.There might be unregistered people with the same problem as me.
3.I need it for a level pack...(only if you allow me to use it of course)
4.It's a good way to learn how to program in colobot.
5.I am a nice person who helps other people.
All right, fine... You can do to this levels whatever you'd like, I don't care. Just saying, textures are in a very bad resolution, which looks really awful in Colobot Gold, however it's not my problem, mate.
Hahah... This "SIEMA!" text on the Me's head in 2th screen XD
(11-16-2016, 05:33 PM)LRV Wrote: [ -> ]1.I want to play them and you aren't able to have colobot and colobot:gold installed at the same time on ubuntu...

Why not? Despite the fact there is no version for Ubuntu of original Colobot, you can still play original with Wine.
@DavivaD, I never expected that someone is gonna spot it! I did that ages ago... When I released that human has got that massive "siema" on his face it was too late Tongue
Actually I already thought about that, but wine uses to much space on my PC...