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Full Version: Where are the user-made scripts stored?
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I'm a vim guy so I'd really like to be able to edit my Colobot scripts from outside the game, but I can't find the folder where they're stored. I assumed it'd be in data/ but it doesn't really look like it. In the original Colobot, they were stored in a directory called scripts/ , I'm pretty sure.
On Linux, user script files are stored at  ~/.local/share/colobot/program/*.txt  for "public"

and  ~/.local/share/colobot/savegame/playername/program/*.txt  for "private"
(11-11-2015, 03:33 AM)melex750 Wrote: [ -> ]On Linux, user script files are stored at  ~/.local/share/colobot/program/*.txt  for "public"

and  ~/.local/share/colobot/savegame/playername/program/*.txt  for "private"

Cool, thank you! I'm actually on Windows (for gaming reasons), but it turns out that it's under C:\Users\%USERNAME%\colobot\ . And your post helped me find it.