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Full Version: Code Battle League – DavivaD
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My english isn't strong to explain this program...
  • Program size - ~20kb
  • Kamikaze Bots instead Shooters
  • Dependable Flying Tower
  • Auto-Rebuild
  • Ultra-Speed Researching
  • Game crashes during fight with mhrodebattle.txt (issue it)
  • Very buggy
  • ETC

  • min. 60 FPS
  • min. 2.0x simulate speed
  • Run the program on RED Team (for unknown reasons this program doesn't work in BLUE team)

(11-20-2015, 05:29 PM)DavivaD Wrote: [ -> ]Game crashes during fight with mhrodebattle.txt (issue it)
It is not an issue on my side. By the time it crashes my bot executes its final loop a few times. The crash comes from your "rebuild" function.

I'm impressed. The defence bot is pretty good. I had to improve my attack bot. It can now chose the perfect moment to attack and destroy defenders.

Whats new:
  • Optimized the Tower Program
  • Fixed Origin of Kamikaze Bot Building Sequence
  • Fixed Kamikaze Bot Program

Now beats MhrodeBattle.

Small update!
Whats new:
  • Optimized the Tower Program

Another Small update!
Whats new:
  • Enchanced Building Flying Tower Sequence
  • Small changes in Rebuild Bot

Your turn @Mrocza Big Grin