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Full Version: Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
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Thanks a lot for the custom levels. They look really great! I play them occasionally, and have discovered recently that it's too easy to pass the 3rd level on Amber (Evacuation) - it is enough to wait a bit until all hostile phaser shooters eventually get stuck in a kind of traffic jam when trying to recharge their cells.
Has anyone solved this issue in the script? I guess, the proper fix will require an extra check for movement error, and the script may become over-complicated...
As an alternative it may be possible to create more power stations and assign each phaser shooter to a dedicated power station. I'm not sure whether this is possible in CBOT-script to distinguish between power stations.
Optionally an extra grabber (a walking one?) may recharge batteries.
Any other options to solve the "traffic jam"?
[Update] I've attached the ZIP-archive with the patch for Amber\level003 - the files should be placed into \levels\custom\Amber\level003. The approach with an extra legged grabber seems to work fine in preventing the jams, thus keeping the phaser shooters alive.
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