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Full Version: Code battle testing server
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I was learning Django and I thought it might be a cool idea to make a server that runs code battle programs Big Grin

A beta version is available at
For testing purposes, the time limit for a battle is 60 seconds. I know this is very small, and will be increased later.

I will share the source code once I clean it up a bit. Currently the whole system is about 500 lines of Python and 200 lines of HTML code.

Feel free to experiment and try to break it!

Some screenshots:
Spoiler :
[Image: doUeVcn.png]
[Image: XkUAZyr.png]
[Image: ndszVbM.png]
[Image: 9BbT5xx.png]
[Image: j55DyLE.png]

PS. All dates on the page are in UTC timezone
My program has already landed on this page Smile