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Full Version: Steam Greenlight
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Have you guys considered getting the game on Steam Greenlight to get some more feedback/testers/exposure?
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(this discussion is in Polish)
Ah, sorry I don't speak Polish Smile
In big shortcut: there was an idea to release original Colobot, but we don't know if we can release Epsitec's game on Steam Greenlight, there was problems with funds to publish the game (I don't know how it works today, it was 3 years ago when developer had to pay 90€ to publish the game), also we had problems with finding proper game version (English version, possibility to change splash screens, working without original CD).
With releasing Gold version on Steam, well, it's in early development stage, it's imho still a bit to early to release it for everyone. Engine is quite stable, we've some cool new features, but there is a lot of bugs, graphics is still in age of DirectX 7, music and sounds are mostly untouched (there are some nice new soundtracks, but that's all). Maybe with refreshed graphics we could make some louder announcements about our project. And still we might need Epsitec's permission to release it, since Colobot is still their trademark, we only have license to use it in our projects. But in this field I might be wrong