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Full Version: original asteroid level from the old ver1.8 user pack
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Just finished testing of this level. Had real frustration with ant stuck inside mountain until I remembered to convert the relief & res files : (

Working well in the "colobot-gold-0.1.7b-alpha-win64" ver.

I formatted it just as the Polara & Sulfuria levels are, so it fits into "mods" folder as a .zip

Some files like ant.txt are still commented in French, but work OK.

Where should I up it so all can test.
Did you mean THAT Asteroid? written by Jonathan Picard?
(04-06-2016, 04:05 PM)DavivaD Wrote: [ -> ]Did you mean THAT Asteroid? written by Jonathan Picard?

Not sure of author, but was part of a set for original game:


I made no changes, just formatted to work in the "mods" area.

These were all good levels, so I thought to help by bringing them up to date.
All of those levels were already ported:
oops - nevermind