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Full Version: [split] #BlameRaptor for Uranium issues
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Don't blame me, I only said in this issue that this object should be destructible only by hitting, not shooting, just like it was in the original Colobot.

Gah, I guess now every bug will be #BlameRaptor'ished... You do hate me.

Good thing would be prepare a table with full conditions about "what thing can destroy/damage another thing" to make it clear for gameplay.
@RaptorParkowsky it is kinda your fault, but at same time it's not a big issue either.

Would it be possible by adding magnifyDamage = 0 to Uranium in mission file?
@radioactivity : Did you read this issue? It's not my fault this time and why do you even want to blame someone for this?! I never said in this issue about destroying Titanium/Uranium ores by shooting it, I only meant "landing on them violently" should work as in the original Colobot. That's it.

If you guys really want find any entity who's resposible for this mess, then you should look at who commited this change without understanding what I wanted, or just blame GOLD's object logic source code for being messy.

Seriously, if you really hate me and want blame me for every tiny GOLD's issue, then just say it straight. I really can understand this and maybe even accept my new role of being your drudge, TerranovaTeam.

EDIT: That's cool, my 1K post about blaming me and being biggest bastard in the community. Such a shame...
Don't worry about that, sky is not falling because of it, and it can be easily fixed and turned into net positive.

Don't worry about me blaming you either, I'm just being pedantic Tongue Even though your post might be a reason why this issue exist in first place, you have no reason to feel bad about it.

Now, instead of finding prime cause of all evil in Colobot, we forget about it and think about solutions?
[Image: jcU7r5A.png]
Enough with this blaming everyone for new issues, old issues, world hunger and so on.
MagnifyDamage is some solution, but it require adding this line everywhere, or just making it indestructible in code (again). Making it indestructible in only one mission, leaving it destructible in all others will make game inconsistent. Or we can make some changes in logic, by making it destructible only by colliding with them (if it's possible I could propose to make it destructible also by Shooters fire, but not by OrgaShooters, because they're shooting same projectiles as AlienAnts).
(05-05-2016, 12:06 PM)RaptorParkowsk Wrote: [ -> ]Gah, I guess now every bug will be #BlameRaptor'ished... You do hate me.

I feel sorry for you @RaptorParkowsky.
Yeah, tbh @krzys_h shouldn't have said what he said, considering the fragile situation we're in right now.
(05-05-2016, 07:46 PM)CHmSID Wrote: [ -> ]@krzys_h shouldn't have said what he said.

Those two aren't really getting along right now. There was some dispute going on in the forums.
Are we going to discuss how to fix this issue, or who said something wrong?
(05-05-2016, 08:17 PM)tomangelo Wrote: [ -> ]Are we going to discuss how to fix this issue, or who said something wrong?

 Personally, I am going to play a game and eat some wafers, and I'm all out of wafers.