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Full Version: Ceebot:Gold Edition
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Ceebot a is probably the previous expedition, which left all stuff on the planets, but is there going to be a Ceebot:Gold Edition?
Ceebot is still fully owned and sold by Epsitec. We have no rights to it and therefore we can't make our own edition of it.
Ceebot isn't previous expedition. It's not even anywhere in plot, just like exercises in Colobot. It's just a tool to learn CBOT, with new functions.
Actually epsitec closed I think.But we still donĀ“t have the rights.
Do we have the rights to put all demos together, make a previus expedition and name it Ceebot:Gold Edition tho?
1. We have no rights to use CeeBot name (but we have CeeBot-A and CeeBot-Teen source code and assets).

2. There was obviously plans for making Colobot sequel, prequel about the previous expedition, threequel, and even the whole Colobot franchise that combines all stuff from EPSITEC games, but those will not happen until the remake of the base game called Colobot: Gold Edition isn't done.

3. There's no logical reason to name Colobot's prequel as "CeeBot". CeeBot was just series of 4 different games (probably 2 additional games hasn't even released) that were placed in Colobot universe but had no clear plot. "CeeBot" title is connected wit CBOT programming language name.
We have no rights to the name Ceebot, so no. We can adapt levels and make them part of Colobot though.
I thought we decided to remake the exercises instead of porting the ones from CeeBot (which was one of the initial ideas for C:GE)
I just want to point out that we can have both remaked and ported exercises. In like standard and classic level pack