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Full Version: The mystery of ismovie();
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So, while I've been scavenging examining in-game Alien Wasp script I've came across mysterious ismovie(); command. I've briefly messed with it and found out... Nothing.
So, what does this command do? It's not returning '42', so it surely doesn't carry answer to life the universe and everything. SatCom doesn't contain any data about it too, so this command is unknown to NASA. Did wasps started developing their own programs? Maybe this little command was real reason behind first expedition's failure? What other commands are hidden in our plain sight?
This function is used to check if a cutscene is currently playing in the game. Tongue

while ( ismovie() != 0 )  wait(1);

Wait until the cutscene is over.
Oh... That's...
Oh... Well... That's...
Just another CBOT command that need to be documented in our special page in SatCom.
Wait, it's not documented?!
Looks like that, no help file in data and no path to it in sources.
I'm sure I saw documentation for it somewhere... but maybe it was in one of the CeeBots