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Full Version: Gource Video of colobot repos on the occasion of the 10th Alpha Release
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On the occasion of the 10th Alpha Release, I made a ready-to-record gource visualization logs of colobot+colobot-data repos.

I made several configs with different resolutions.
Spoiler :
XVGA - 1024x768
HDTV 720p - 1280x720
HDTV - 1366x768
HDTV 1080p - 1920x1080
4K - 4096x2304

To run type in terminal: 
gource --load-config CONFIG

Maybe this will on the Youtube?
It's not 10th, it's 11th. The first alpha release was 0.1.0. You know, programmers count from 0 Tongue
I see it like: 0 = 0 (...) 10 = 10
You see it like: 0 = 1 (...) 10 = 11

My numbering sucks D:

But I of pour it Tongue
11 elements is still 11 elements. But they are nubered starting from 0, so 0...10.