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Jinx Mission 4 - LRV - 01-07-2019

(I hope this is the right subforum, but it doesn't fit anywhere else.)
I have trouble beating mission 3 of the userplanet (and technically colobot's tenth planet)Jinx. You need a total of 4 Titanium for the mission(1 for the subber, 1 for the legged grabber, one for the nuclear powerplant and one for the derrick.)
I can only get one from the nearby wreckage through the recyclere since for some reason the derrick stops extracting in this mission.
Is it a bug that the derrick stops extracting or do you need to get Titanium another way?
Also I am using this version of Jinx with Colobot Gold Edition 1.11.1-alpha on Lubuntu 17.10 64-bit.