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IRC channel - Simbax - 01-04-2015

With the new forum we are moving fully to English. It includes IRC.
  1. Stabilise #colobot at (permissions, bots).
  2. Kick all out of the #colobot at and make a password for the channel known only by web developers (password can be turned off after a month or two).
  3. Hope, we will all get used to it.

RE: IRC channel - krzys_h - 01-04-2015

I think we should keep the Polish channel open. Not for developers, but for newcomers from Poland.
I also think we should keep one forum open for them. 95% of Colobot community still speaks Polish...
But development should definitely be English-only.
PS. Test of edit history plugin

RE: IRC channel - Simbax - 01-05-2015

Well, if every member of TerranovaTeam will use English for talking about everything related to the project, then I don't see a problem with keeping an old channel open. But if it won't happen, radical steps must be taken.

As of a forum open for Polish members... Polish people can speak English, English people not so much. And next forum is a next thing to maintain. I don't think it is worth it, at least right now, when the community isn't big.


Ok, I misunderstood. How would this forum look like? Just one forum or divided?

RE: IRC channel - krzys_h - 01-05-2015

I was thinking about making it just one forum, at least for now. We don't have many people who aren't devs here.

RE: IRC channel - Simbax - 01-07-2015

Ok, it's fine for me.


I see that other admins have nothing against this idea, so I'm gonna to create a Polish forum.