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Official engine name - krzys_h - 01-07-2015

I've just noticed somebody put the name Eengine on Wikipedia. We've abandoned that name since there is already a company registered with that name. I think we should change that as soon as possible. I remember somebody proposed name TerranovaEngine some time ago, do you think we should use that name officialy?
Wikipedia link:
TerranovaEngine name proposition (Polish):

RE: Official engine name - tomangelo - 01-07-2015

One thing: TerranovaEngine is good name for engine that will run Colobot: Gold Edition, but we will have to keep in mind that we shouldn't use this name as engine for original Epsitec games. It's strongly modified, but still the same engine.
So maybe TerranovaEngine for games on renewed engine, and 'EpsitecEngine' as a name for original engine? (or another, for me it's just strange to use 'TE' for original engine, so 'EE' is just an alias for "engine that was running original Epsitec games').

RE: Official engine name - RaptorParkowsky - 01-08-2015

In other hand we can completely abandon this idea about engine until this "engine" will be true engine. Modable, extendible and really cool, without any hardcoded stuff. For now, we're developing Colobot: Gold Edition, a remake of the original 2001 game and engine of that game can be only result of existance finished C:GE. Engine is not the main reason for creating this game. It's a tool. Tool that will be created as result and for result. And I think we can name it when this will working very beautiful.

I'm voting "no" as "not yet".

RE: Official engine name - tomaszkax86 - 01-08-2015

I agree with Raptor. "TerranovaEngine" might be a good name but it's too soon. Did we add anything significant to it? For now it should remain unnamed. It's just Colobot engine with no specific name.