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Project "Lost Colonies" - Abadon - 01-17-2015

Hi, Everyone ^^

Today, I found an interesting video on youtube. 

Project "Lost Colonies"

This project is similar to Colobot game. Object name and shape are identical... The author of the project comes from France. He knows what he's doing. 

What do you think about the project?
Maybe it will invite him to TN team?


RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - RaptorParkowsky - 01-23-2015

Another copy of Colobot? Well, it looks like there will be bunch of them, before remake of the original idea move to beta stage. That raises the bar very high.

I don't think they will join to our project. They already have their own concept, commercial and ready-to-use engine and other stuff.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - Emxx52 - 01-24-2015

I've seen project's website, I even told about it on Polish IRC channel before we migrated to Freenode. I found the project quite interesting, so I suggested letting the creators use CBOT and I suggest it again Wink

But I haven't seen this video before, just some concept articles and comparing the project to Colobot and other games if I remember correctly. So they're really making progress.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - RaptorParkowsky - 01-24-2015

@Emxx52: Did you forgot that CBOT aka C-BOT is patented by TerranovaTeam Corporation and trade marked by EPSITEC Laboratories? They're already using our registered names like WheeledGrabber and EnergyCell! They're our rival. We must squash'em with our project! Wink

Honestly, I don't like this project. Especially design style, based on Halo.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - tomangelo - 01-24-2015

Since when we have patents to CBOT? When we registered WheeledGrabber or EnergyCell?

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - Simbax - 01-24-2015

Since we got the license.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - tomangelo - 01-24-2015

I knew we have right to use the names, but i didn't know that we have the names itselfs.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - RaptorParkowsky - 01-26-2015

Well, I just kidding about that patents. There's the offtop, everything is possible.

RE: Project "Lost Colonies" - PanRobal - 04-06-2015

I don't like this game's design. The grabber looks like a toy.