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Other music in C:GE - Serebriakov - 03-16-2015

I'm deleted this post, because proposed music not suitable to Colobot on community opinion.
Now, I'm used this music in other project and the unofficial Colobot builds with other music will not.

RE: Colobot Gold - New Music - Emxx52 - 03-16-2015


Sorry about that, but we just don't need additional music right now. I've planned on filling every single mission with music and I'm going to do that, whether PiXeL and/or bartekko help me or not. Years ago we actually considered choosing open music and stuff like that, but eventually we chose the path of creating our own, specifically composed for Colobot: Gold Edition soundtrack.

However, there is still a possibility that we/I won't succeed (rather impossible, but yeah...) - in such a case we might consider sth like that.

And... I won't move this thread to the development section, cuz I believe you wouldn't be able to write a response there. But it's not an announcement for sure, so I'm moving it to Basics.

RE: Videy's music in C:GE - Serebriakov - 03-16-2015

Ok, anyway I will finish the work on alternative music or as a fork or a mod for Colobot: GE.
This music is associated for me with Colobot for many years and only now I decided to try how it really fits.

RE: Videy's music in C:GE - tomangelo - 03-16-2015

Music is good, congratulations. Only that victory music is a bit strange, but it's only temporary.

RE: Videy's music in C:GE - robocat04 - 05-12-2015

I opened this topic to listen what a music is posted here and after what I listened I just сan't resist not to say that it's great and I had an eargasm! However, these audiotracks isn't quite suitable to most part of Colobot because this music is more dynamic while game has a slow tempo, therefore for this game an ambient music will be better suitable.
P.S. Can you post links to these tracks? I didn't found them at the youtube.

I still can't find all these tracks, I found only some of them even after using online audio-analyzers. But I want them all, halp!