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PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - SpaceRocket - 05-03-2015

I would like to report a strange glitch I found on COLOBOT GOLD. I do not know if this has already been fixed (the COLOBOT GOLD version I have is older), nor do I know if this was also in the original version, but it does happen in the version I currently own.

I call it the PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch, which is exactly what it sounds like: the bot somehow destroys its own power cell. The glitch definitely happens on the programming exercise level "Flying Tower 1", untested on other levels. It is only achiveable with a WingedShooter (also possibly WingedOrgaShooter). It is caused by inserting this program into the bot:

extern void object::Glitch()

This causes the bot to barely hover above the ground, then it fires and somehow its power cell explodes. Strangely, the bot's power level is unaffected and operates normally. Attached is a screenshot, look at it and return to the page.


As you can see, the bot's NuclearCell explodes. The explosion appears at the bot, yet the power cell appears several meters away.

Is this a known glitch, and is it already fixed in the new version?

RE: PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - tomaszkax86 - 05-04-2015

I can confirm this bug exists in the current version (dev branch commit 6c87144). It appears that using fire() without argument causes the power cell to explode for no reason. Doesn't happen if you specify positive time. This needs further testing to determine under what circumstances this can happen.

RE: PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - tomangelo - 05-04-2015

Didn't happened for me. Bot is going up while shooting, battery wasn't affected in any way.
But I've noticed that second bot, that was standing behind, was hurted. Probably it may be somehow related. I think that starting point of projectiles is starting behind a Shooter and sometimes it may hit another object.

RE: PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - RaptorParkowsky - 05-04-2015

For me, it look like it happen only on shooters with trainer markup.

RE: PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - tomangelo - 05-04-2015

Yes, on normal mission it didn't happened. Hurting bots behind is an another bug. And battery is instantly drained after few seconds. Also battery model flied away. [attachment=171]
Edit: reported on github

RE: PowerCell Self-Destruct Glitch - Simbax - 06-18-2015

As it was reported on GitHub, I'm closing this thread.