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Twitter to Facebook integration - Simbax - 07-22-2015

We are going to disable Twitter to Facebook integration, which was done something like a year ago. Here are the reasons (there was a small discussion in Shoutbox 22-07-2015):
  • "Twitter is meant for very short messages, on Facebook we should write a bit longer posts" ~ @krzys_h
  • "Well, I also feel not comfortable with that feature." ~ @RaptorParkowsky (he is maintaining the¬†Twitter account the most)
If I remember correctly, @Schocker has set up this, so I am asking you now to disable it.

If anyone have any objections, write them in this thread.

RE: Twitter to Facebook integration - krzys_h - 07-22-2015

It's under Settings > Applications > Facebook integration. At least on my private account, since I still don't know the password to our Twitter