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Remaking Original Levels - PracticeBot13 - 01-29-2016

I've been remaking some of the old Mission levels over the past week and I thought it'd be awesome to share my current progress with you guys.

So far, I've edited Earth & Tropica. Earth has, what is my interpretation of what the planet would look like with all the fallout dimming the planet of any sunlight. Whilst Tropica has a stationary time of day cycle, The Trap at Sunset time and Amnesia at Night time.

Here are some screenies:

Let me know what you guys think. I'll put up a download link for these levels soon.

RE: Remaking Original Levels - tomangelo - 01-29-2016

Looks good for me.

RE: Remaking Original Levels - DavivaD - 02-01-2016

I refreshing levels too Smile . But I go to gameplay, not visual effects.
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Sorri for my English... :-\

RE: Remaking Original Levels - RaptorParkowsky - 02-01-2016

Well, official level remastering by TerranovaTeam will be done only when game's engine with whole documentation and all planned features will be finished. But the idea about night levels is still cool though.