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TeamSpeak3 Server - DavivaD - 02-05-2016

I have TS3 server from my "haunted" game servers network.
I can give this server for ICC.

IP :

Currently server has ONLY default channel and 100 slots.

RE: TeamSpeak3 Server - DavivaD - 02-11-2016

This topic died D:

RE: TeamSpeak3 Server - Simbax - 02-11-2016

We had (I'm not sure, but it may still be running) a Mumble serverĀ and it wasn't really used (maybe once or twice), so I guess we don't need another voice chat server.

RE: TeamSpeak3 Server - tomangelo - 02-11-2016

Voice chats are useful if majority from the group have some fixed time (like we had in Saturdays on IRC), but quite useless if there are max.2 persons at once. We don't even have some bigger discussions on IRC, where we have some logs and we can answer to person who is offline at the moment, there is no discussions on forum or Trello. So voice chat aren't currently a thing that somebody would use.