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[Idea] Screenshot button - DavivaD - 04-27-2016

Screenshot button like in minecraft...

Useful when We have game in the window.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - krzys_h - 04-28-2016

I don't think this is really neccessary

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - Simbax - 04-28-2016

What harm would it do? Many games have a screenshot key. It shouldn't be too hard to implement it. But there should be a setting to change the button because it might be conflicting with some other screenshot tool for example, like F12 in Steam.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomaszkax86 - 04-28-2016

Screenshot key would be nice to have and it should be rather easy to implement. Maybe not an essential feature, but it wouldn't hurt anyone.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - RaptorParkowsky - 04-29-2016

IMHO good solution would be standard PrintScreen as the screenshot button when GOLD's window is active. But I'm afraid that several OS's would wrongly react for this and make their own screenshot (or even save it somewhere too) of the entire screen area.

On the other hand F12 is better solution for all platforms, as long as you don't use Steam overlay with the standard settings. I think this option would be default.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomangelo - 04-29-2016

PrintScreen button would cause problems with third software capturing screen, even on Windows. And F12 isn't good option, as you just say, if somebody use Steam with it's overlay, then it may cause problems. We can't assume that somebody won't do that, we need to predict all possible cases and choose solution causing least problems. BTW. how is Steam Overlay with Ctrl+F12? Will it make screenshot too? Maybe it would be a solution?

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomaszkax86 - 04-29-2016

How about we just add it as an option and leave no default key binding for it? Not everyone needs to have a specific key bound to make screenshots. Whoever needs it will simply bind whatever they find most comfortable.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - RaptorParkowsky - 04-29-2016

@tomaszkax86 : ++, but there's another problem. Testing the game would require from us to set screenshot button manually everytime after clean save directory/removing colobot.ini. Maybe set as default F12 only in debug builds?

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - Simbax - 04-29-2016

But you know that key bindings in the game don't conflict with Windows shortcut system and Steam overlay or anything? If F12 would trigger some third-party app, it would still save the game screenshot. You aren't playing much games nowadays if you need to discuss such obvious and common stuff...

Anyway, F10 or F11 should be fine as default.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - RaptorParkowsky - 04-29-2016

I'm totally aware that will not conflict with anything and the game will save it's own screenshot to save directory anyway. Discussion is about minimalising risk of activating other's program function or duplicating screenshots while using Steam overlay.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - Simbax - 04-30-2016

Like someone even cares... Most games use a button between F9-F12 and if it's a good game it lets you change it. Seriously, shouldn't we have more important problems than what to set as the default screenshot shortcut? And I was wondering why everything takes so long when we need to "discuss" such trivial matters...

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomangelo - 04-30-2016

From the other hand, if someone did something without consultation, it end up with flame war.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - Simbax - 04-30-2016

Excuse me, but this thread is publicly available as well as the issue, so it's not "without consultation". The default button is not set in stone and is relatively easy to change (it should be one line in code).

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomangelo - 04-30-2016

I didn't meant this problem isn't discussed enough. I meant some older flamewars caused by not discussed changes.
But we finally get to conclusion that F10 or F11 would be good, with possibility to add an option to rebind that key, so IMHO this thread may be closed if no one want to add something.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - RaptorParkowsky - 04-30-2016

Well, @tomangelo is right about that.

F10 or F11. I'm ok with that, especially as long as this is not min two-button hotkey.

And there's nothing more to say from my side in this thread.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomaszkax86 - 04-30-2016

F11 is already used on debug version. I'm not sure about F10. We might as well use Ctrl+, Shift+, or Alt+ combinations.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - RaptorParkowsky - 04-30-2016

@tomaszkax86 : Sorry, but taking photos in the right moment and using for this not one, but TWO different buttons pushed in the same time is just madness.
Quote:I'm ok with that, especially as long as this is not min two-button hotkey.
So I'm not accepting Ctrl/Alt/Shift+ combinations. One button should be enough.

Of course F11 and F12 are already used for some debug options, but why we wouldn't change that into something "more ergonomic"? Especially when we have debug window, which allow you to enable/disable all render debug options that are currently implemented. This really can be optimized into such easy and obvious thing like for example:
F12 - Display debug window.
F11 - Make and save a screenshot.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - CHmSID - 04-30-2016

Guys you have 12 different function keys, stop trying to squeeze everything into the last three.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - tomangelo - 04-30-2016

Some of them are used to change game speed.

RE: [Idea] Screenshot button - Simbax - 04-30-2016

Dear dairy,

Since 3 days I have been wondering where to put the screenshot key. It is a really important matter. The game is already in a good condition, you can for example move forward. It doesn't have any levels yet, and there is no turning, but it needs to wait until I finally solve the issue with this key. I think I'll have to buy a book "Advanced C++ Programming: Setting the Screenshot Key". It has over 1000 pages, no wonder why I can't solve this problem by myself.

See you tomorrow,
Every game developer ever