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[Idea] Auto-Updater - DavivaD - 04-27-2016

It will be nice when CGE has the auto-updater Smile

RE: [Idea] Auto-Updater - krzys_h - 04-28-2016

This was already mentioned on last ColoIRC and probably should brme discussed on the next meeting

RE: [Idea] Auto-Updater - RaptorParkowsky - 04-29-2016

@krzys_h : Forum is also for discussions too, why not discuss such thing here, anytime. Especially when it's so hard to make a good "SoboIRC" meeting where's minimum 4 active TerranovaTeam/ICC people.

Back to thread: imo it's not really necessary at the current stage of development. There will be similar problems like with colobot.ini file after update, etc.

RE: [Idea] Auto-Updater - tomangelo - 04-29-2016

@RaptorParkowsky - in this stage it would be especially usefull, because it would allow to quick distribution of new releases, especially with bugfix releases. Also it would solve problems with outdated repositories.
Question is - how it would be solved? Binary downloading everything and self-restarting on new release, or some fancy launcher?

RE: [Idea] Auto-Updater - radioactivity - 04-29-2016

Fancy Launcher gives better control over version of game you want to use (namely experimental vs stable), because of version control repositories can phage off, and on top of that it doesn't even need to be fancy

RE: [Idea] Auto-Updater - krzys_h - 04-29-2016

@RaptorParkowsky The last ColoIRC was rather successful, there was quite a lot of people online.
The main reason I want a bigger discussion is that this would be the first feature to require network connection.
Additionaly, I'm not sure how exactly Linux package repositories work, but I'm quite certain that the packages are not allowed to update themselves externally from the package manager. The best we could do is to notify the user that an update is available and he should update manually from the PPA.