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[Idea] More cutscenes - DavivaD - 04-27-2016

More cutscenes!

eg. spaceship flight between areas of the planet.

RE: [Idea] More cutscenes - True Destroyer - 04-27-2016

If someone elaboated on how to get acces to current cutscene scene files, it would probably be possible to modify them and create a modpacks with new cutscenes for the game.
where are these scenes -1, 0 ,123, 11 stored? Used in scene.txt like EndingFile win=-1 lost=0 or as a SpaceShip attribute, like run=11. the outdated guide points to like "scene\win123.txt" but there's no folder 'scene' in colobot dir, are they packed or hardcoded?

I guess only mission start, success, and failure cutscenes could be created now this way.
I'm pretty sure Colobot has no mid mission scene handler in place, to trigger scenes during mission and then to be able to continue playing it.

There's an action however that's triggered when you get a message about something happening, and click on the "i" on the screen, the camera then travels to the event location, arrows point the issued object and time slows down. It would be nice to be able to script some of these features as cheat commands in cbot.
I'd even say you could dump whole scene handling on cbot language, you could then have one robot placed in scene txt running global event program that is:
spawning stuff (spawn() function exists),
despawning it (This function doesn't exist does it? I'd love it, you could for example clean up maps with it),
disabling player input other than esc key (This function doesn't exist i guess),
forcing camera position(probably the most difficult I guess?),
and hiding ui (This function doesn't exist neither I guess).