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You will be banned - Simbax - 05-06-2016

The title is a click bait. Now, that I got your attention, I want to tell you some basic rules which are the most commonly broken. Every user of the forum agrees to the Regulations, but I'm well aware that almost no one reads them, so here are the most important rules you should not break:
  • Do not bump threads. Do not write posts under your own post. Use the edit function. The thread will be marked as unread after edition of the last post or the first post in the minimum interval of 10 minutes, so there is no need to bump a thread by writing another post.
  • Do not rubbish the thread with off-topic content. If you notice any off-topic, just ignore it and / or report it, do not join the off-topic discussion. You can always create a separate thread for the discussion, send a private message to the off-toping user, continue the discussion in ShoutBox or on IRC, if you want to.

    Common way to avoid the punishment for off-topic is to write at least one sentence about the subject. This no longer works on my duty, at least 80% of the post must be about the subject and be coherent, otherwise it should be considered as off-topic.
  • TerranovaTeam members, moderators and administrators can receive warnings too. The rules apply to everyone.
This thread is updated whenever there appears a need to.