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[Idea] V-Sync - DavivaD - 06-01-2016

It would be nice if CGE has a V-Sync option Smile .

Small Q&A:
Q: WTF is V-Sync?

Q: Why would it have to be introduced?
A: Beacuse Screen Tearing.

Q: WTF is Screen Tearing?

RE: [Idea] V-Sync - RaptorParkowsky - 06-01-2016

As far as I know @tomaszkax86 has experimentally implemented this option. I don't remember how to enable it though (damn this project documentation fragmentation information...). I think there really should be small refactoring for colobot.ini content, with documentation and explanations about functions, etc.

RE: [Idea] V-Sync - tomangelo - 06-01-2016

In colobot.ini add these lines
If you already have [Experimental] section, you only add VSync=1 to this.