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IDE with intellisense - clop1000 - 06-30-2016

Is there anyway to use IDE compatible with colobot gold? 
It is like a torture to write code without this little nevertheless useful option.

RE: IDE with intellisense - CHmSID - 06-30-2016

I imagine any C++ IDE will do. I'm not really sure about the autocomplete in C++, but you may want to checkout Code::Blocks, KDevelop or Visual Studio C++. All of those have auto-indentation and bracket auto-complete.
You just need to make sure the IDE is able to import cmake projects.

RE: IDE with intellisense - krzys_h - 06-30-2016

If you mean in-game programs, there is no way to do that currently. I would like to have some kind of autocompletion in the editor implemented at some point though.

RE: IDE with intellisense - clop1000 - 07-02-2016

It will be great!

But may be is there any way to use source code or dll, with purpose Code::Blocks or some other IDE know about command's in colobot, and made possibly autocomplete