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Advanced targeting - clop1000 - 07-02-2016

I curious  - how exactly direction function works?
May some one share his/her own example of code, in which used only position of me and target, and their YAWN,ROLL, and so on.

RE: Advanced targeting - radioactivity - 07-02-2016

direction() returns returns value which needs to be inserted to turn() in order to make bot face certain position. Ex:


Will make bot turn towards item

But I think you might think about object's information, and not instruction. In that case I honestly can't help, since I never really used .direction, .yaw and .roll

RE: Advanced targeting - krzys_h - 07-02-2016

It's something similar to this (untested, may not work as I wrote it from memory):
float object::direction(point pos)
    float x = atan2(pos.y-this.position.y, pos.x-this.position.x)-this.orientation;
    if (x > 180) x = x-360;
    return x;

RE: Advanced targeting - clop1000 - 07-04-2016

it works perfectly! You have a good memory))