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Important for userlvels - LRV - 11-13-2016

Note:I hope this doesn't count as a spam.

in many userlevels people make an mistake,which is really annooying and everytime accidently. They change the game story, so the last expedition somehow has got an astronaut now, but in the SatCom of the first mission of the game (Equipment) it says that that one was only out of bots.

Note:It could be tho, that the second expedition gets lost and a third one will be sent.
Note:I don't want to insult someone, I just want to be sure, that people known this, if they didnĀ“t.

RE: Important for userlvels - tomaszkax86 - 11-13-2016

Does it matter? Fan content doesn't have to be consistent with canon.

RE: Important for userlvels - bipel88 - 11-13-2016

That's a good point. I never really thought about this.

RE: Important for userlvels - LRV - 11-17-2016

My theory is it that the designed a special bot for the previous expedition called the command bot.It's a practicebot with a buildergun from a builder bot and a subbers operation claw.It was designed, to act like a human mind, which main task it is to find a new planet for the terrains(every human being living on the earth), while keeping the fact, that it hasn't got one, because that could be a risk for the expedition.