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New user's question - Quartofel - 12-24-2016

Hello there!
I'm new on this forum, I've just discovered Anniversary Update (woah, already 15 years) and since I usually have some spare time, I've tought that maybe team could use some help with my favourite childhood game.
I'm complete layman when it comes to coding, but I might be useful with translation. I'm proficient in English and Polish and I'm willing to help.
This game gave me loads of fun and good memories, I'd like to pay it back.

I can resolve some issues with polish syntax, misspelling and lacks in translations to polish as well. I can easily help with English version issues too (altough I'm certain that if you guys have native speaker at your service, he'll do it better). I'll need some basic explanation what I'm supposed to do tough, as I'm lacking any experience in this field. I'm really eager to help.

I'd appreciate any form of feedback and if I won't be usefull for the project at all, I'd like to know as well.

RE: New user's question - sarafdez - 02-09-2019

all the help is always welcome.. sad they dont anskwer to you : (