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Custom maps/missions tutorial [request] - Quartofel - 12-27-2016

Hello there!
So, I'm currently messing around the Code Battles and I've already felt some lacks in tactical possibilities and that the battles can easily quickly turn into classic tug-of-war. And I've thought that I could make a map. I'm cool with reliefs, but I have no idea about scene files etc.
I've made a custom challenge once, but I've made it by simply heavily modyfying the Earth's free game map (changing relief, trees to crystals, textures) and adding barriers, start platform and stuff like that with a WingedGrabber with produce command on set coordinates. I have little-to-no idea how to implement completely new custom mission/code battle.

RE: Custom maps/missions tutorial [request] - Smok - 12-28-2016

Copy one of existing levels and change it until you have what you want. Check other levels code to copy their features. Here you have guide (little outdated but still helpful):

RE: Custom maps/missions tutorial [request] - tomangelo - 12-28-2016

Scene files had slightly changed in Colobot Gold, so this doc might be a little outdated. Scene files for Gold are described here (from page 32).

RE: Custom maps/missions tutorial [request] - Quartofel - 12-28-2016

Thank you guys. I hope to post something worthwhile fairly soon then.