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UserLevels Archive (2008-2012) - DavivaD - 01-25-2017

The UserLevels Archive with I have from OLD ICC forum.

years: 2008-2012

source: (99% links with usermaps are DEAD).

If someone wants to convert levels to Gold. Let them do it Smile I am not the author of 90% of this maps Smile


RE: UserLevels Archive (2008-2012) - Tenemo - 12-23-2017

So all the old levels won't work with Gold Edition? Why is that, did a lot change in how the data is read? How would I convert a level to GE?

RE: UserLevels Archive (2008-2012) - krzys_h - 12-23-2017

The level structure has changed a lot. The best of old userlevels are already ported ( and you can find some new ones at If you really want to run levels from this pack in Gold, there is still no step-by-step instructions on how to do so, you can try following the purple notes in the updated scene file specifications here: and looking at other levels that are already ported.

Oh, and it should probably be noted that all of the levels in this package are in Polish only as they come from our old Polish forum.