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Texture troubles - Quartofel - 03-04-2017

Hello there.

I'm still fighting with mapmaking and today's issue is...

custom texture not loading!

That's right! It seems that I've failed at implementing terrain texture for some reason. Skybox? Works. Water? Perfectly fine. Terrain? Hell no.

Console says that - ekhem - lemme quote:

Quote:[ERROR]: Error opening file with PHYSFS: "levels/custom/BattleSim/textures/terrainsim001.bmp"
[ERROR]: Couldn't load texture 'textures/../levels/custom/BattleSim/textures/terrainsim001.bmp': Unable to open file, blacklisting

Y tho? Tried diffrent formats, diffrent names, location...
No idea what's wrong. scene.txt looks fine, but I load into sad, gray, textureless world.

RE: Texture troubles - tomaszkax86 - 03-04-2017

I don't remember this stuff exactly, but if you want to use textures placed in your level directory, you need to use %lvl%, for example:


If you are not sure how to make your own level, you can use this level as a template or just to help you get things right:

RE: Texture troubles - Quartofel - 03-04-2017

Didn't work, changed texture directory, still same error in console, still no texture.

But the template will be quite usefull.

EDIT: Did it otheer way around and implemented textures and relief to template, and it's working. I'll just rewrite it, it'll be easier.
Thanks @tomaszkax86.