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Refreshed Theme - DavivaD - 03-10-2017

Tradition says that we change the forum theme every ~3 years. (See the lifespan of the old site/frequency of changing the theme)
This theme is 3 years old Tongue
On this occasion I made a refreshed theme for the forum.
DEMO: (ignore CBA.PL header and footer)
(Its based on eNvy's Square theme)

Installation: Standard

  • View Groups
  • DVZ Shoutbox (Update)
  • Prostats
  • MyAlerts
  • MyLikes
  • MyProfile (for enchanced profile)
  • DVZ Mentions (for bugfixes)
  • Automention (for autofill mention)
  • DVZ Random Avatars (for style)
  • PluginLibrary (IMPORTANT)
  • Groupimage To Labeltext (for style)
  • LightAVATARS (for style)
  • Style Usernames (for style)
All needed plugins is in package.

Whats new?:
  • Navbar on Header
  • Enchanced irc loading message (spinning cog)
  • Blocky theme
  • Options on Footer
  • New Scroll look
  • Scrolling user menu
  • Scrollup button
  • Changing News on Header
  • 100% changed sprites
  • Enchanced User Profile
  • Fixed Shoutbox Mention
  • Social links on footer
  • Random geometrical avatars (Gravatar) for non-avatar users
  • LabelText instead Group Image
  • Ubuntu font
  • Colored Username and User Avatar Display on Forum Display
  • Enchanced Background
  • Fix IRC logs not showing (script needed)
  • Make RSS feeds of commits and issues from our repo on News

If you have a good Idea, I'm open to suggestions Smile

If the theme will be accepted to I will send this theme to all administrators.

Music for this thread:

RE: Refreshed Theme - RaptorParkowsky - 03-10-2017

This theme looks definetely much better than the current one.

You're right, it's time for change. Definetely.

RE: Refreshed Theme - Quartofel - 03-10-2017

[Image: g1nknnE.png]

RE: Refreshed Theme - DavivaD - 05-27-2017

So...? Was it approved or not?
Just asking D: