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Syntax highlighting for Gedit - Simbax - 07-31-2017

Warning: the following is just a loose translation from an old Polish thread.


The files were work in progress even then, but it may be a good starting point for someone to remake this "plugin".

  • Syntax highlighting for CBOT
  • Syntax highlighting for Scene
Lacking features:
  • categories in CBOT
  • categories in Scene
  • some keywords in CBOT
  • some keywords in Scene
  1. Download scene.lang and/or cbot.lang.
  2. Put them in /usr/share/gtksourceview-X.0/language-specs/,  X is either 2 or 3 depending if you have Gedit 2 or 3. You need administrator privileges to do that.
  1. Open a file with CBOT or Scene code.
  2. Set the syntax highlighting from menu: View -> Highlight mode -> Others -> Colobot scene or View -> Highlight mode -> Sources -> CBot.
File extensions:
Files with the following extensions should have the syntax highlighting set automatically.
  • .scene
  • .cbot
Screenshots (Kobalt theme):
[Image: Q9aaoLI.png]
[Image: cVS6L9q.png]