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2 questions - kevinvr - 01-13-2018

Hi everyone

1) I have started an Introduction to Computer Programming Class using Colobot Gold with my 12th-grade students and would like to start a thread with my lesson plans, progress, and other related information. Where should I place this thread?
2) I have "fixed" many old, and some newer custom levels and have run/tested them in Colobot Gold's latest edition. Where can I place these so that other users can download them easily and use them? I do have a GitHub site. Would that be the best?

Appreciate the help.
Have a great day!

RE: 2 questions - robocat04 - 01-13-2018

Others in this forum use Google Drive for uploading their works. GitHub is also a good choice, IMO.

RE: 2 questions - krzys_h - 01-14-2018

Yeah, exactly. GitHub is better if used properly through, as it gives you better ways to manage version history.