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Hello~ - hazel - 02-02-2018

I just recently remembered Colobot in one talk about programming, and googled details to show my interlocutor - and I found this community. Colobot was part of my childhood, though it was mostly my older brother who played it. And when I did, I didn't really touch CBOT much - funny considering I'm now studying IT.
So about me:
My name's Nicky and I'm from Poland. Literally this week I turned 22. As I already said, I'm an IT student. And I should be studying now for my exams but screw it, I want to play. And I think that would be all for now as the game downloaded. Big Grin
Any questions?

RE: Hello~ - tomangelo - 02-02-2018

Hi Nicky, welcome on Terranova and good luck on exams.

RE: Hello~ - hazel - 02-03-2018

Hello~. Nice to meet you. Nice sig. Big Grin

And nice avatar. Did you know that there's Clippy coded for Vim? Called Vigor? It started as a joke in a comic but some people actually made it.
[Image: uf001415.gif]

RE: Hello~ - tomangelo - 02-04-2018

Thank you.

Also nice find. Definitely going to check that later.

RE: Hello~ - stephen - 03-10-2018

Hi, me too just found via google and love the forum. See you soon in discussion sessions Smile