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Mod Ports - InfamousLinguist - 03-30-2018

So I was toying with some user-made mod levels, and I found a simple way to port the old, non-working mods to work with the latest builds of colobot gold (using the GDD pdf and some experimenting).  It's cool to have the levels working on this system, but I'd like to release them to the public.

The problem is that these mods have no licenses with them, and I can't just re-publish someone else's work if it isn't open source.

I've contacted a couple of the devs of the mods and I'm waiting for a response to see if it's okay to publish the ported mods, but I can't seem to reach a few of them.  I'm having trouble finding the authors of the "flying" missions containing the extra flying drills and the "asteroid" mission.  The asteroid mod is especially interesting, as it looks like a complex, fun mission.

Does anyone here know either of the devs or know how I can get in touch?

And for anyone interested, here is the process I worked out that worked for porting all of the various mods.

Get a copy of colobot GDD pdf document.  It explains everything.
Get a working mod, such as the "Alludo" mod to use for comparison.

Separate all missions into proper name/levels/custom/name/levelxxx/ folder tree
rename old "scene00.txt" to "chaptertitle.txt", put in %chap% dir
move mission-specific files into each mission folder
Move shared files into chapter directory (dir where levelxxx folders are)

Rename all scene files to "scene.txt"
make sure all slashes are / and not \.

change scene files and rename other files to match something like these names:

Instructions name="%lvl%/help.%lng%.txt"
Satellite    name="%lvl%/report.%lng%.txt"
Loading      name="%chap%/prog.%lng%.txt"
SoluceFile   name="%lvl%/soluce.%lng%.txt"

The referenced files would be renamed "help.E.txt" and "report.E.txt", etc for english language files.

reference shared files in chap dir with %chap%
update paths for any custom scripts used for enemies/bots

Change "AmbiantColor" to "AmbientColor".
remove "BackColor" line if existing
Change "FrontsizeName" to "ForegroundName"

test mod in game and fix any remaining errors that prevent it running properly. (game will report specific errors and help you fix problems until it works)

fix typos and re-word things a bit for clarity and effect