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HD textures
I want to announce that I've finally finished vectorisation (I must say, effect02 was the hardest one), at least for now. This means that after @RaptorParkowsky will render them and do his remastering work, we will probably merge HD textures to the main data branch and (I hope) the HD version will become the default one.

Note: most 3D models textures are on hold, if you haven't noticed, because the models will be changed, if I understood correctly. UI and effects were vectorised fully. A lot of the textures can't be vectorised, so they are (were?) waiting for remastering.

I'm not sure about level textures (ground, sky, etc.), I don't see them on the list, but they are not in that low resolution either.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my job with textures is done (at least for now). I hope I will see them in the game soon.

And, feel free to report anything wrong. I tried to make them as close to the original as possible, but it was sometimes a nearly impossible task and some of them may look completely different. Also, there may be visual bugs, as I haven't tested them in-game.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
Good. I'll download this commit and continue my work with that.

From my site there's still a lot of work with porting some renders from 3DS Max to Blender, so I'll probably move that for GOLD alpha-0.1.7 or we can decide to vectorize (and make them flat) those few textures.

One way or another, I need some time now to make and think all the things right. Now I have all assets that I need, so I'll just focus on that.

15th Anniversary Edit:
So there it is! Finally after all those years I can share something what I'm proud of. This is a result of @Simbax , @Adrian and @RaptorParkowsky hard work in the case of object textures. Basically I made a hybrid out of @Simbax 's and @Adrian 's work with some my invention and optimizations. Some issues that are more noticeable due to bigger resolution but that's easy to fix by proper UV mapping and that will be done in @tomangelo 's models which I'm going to help.

Of course this isn't all of object textures from data/textures/object directory. It's rather only technology objects textures. There's much more to do later like alien, plant, Astronaut face or CeeBot-Teen textures if someone will be brave enough and strong enought to paint/vectorize/render them in higher resolution and quality. Otherwise we can wait until the new ultra-poly models with their new textures and normalmaps will be in full-time development.

I just wanted to share them for test and discuss about before the push to the repo for 0.1.9 CoLoBoT's 15th Anniversary release. So, any propositions or can I push them with their sources when I get some free time before 3rd November?

NOTE: No link to the package with object textures because those textures are already pushed to the game and I have to save some space on my Dropbox cloud.
These HD textures for the most part look magnificent, and I really appreciate the hard work that went into making them. Smile

The only thing that personally bothers me is the fact that the bars for energy and such are noticeably different from how they were in the original Colobot. In the links below I attempted to make high resolution versions of the original bars, at least partially:
They're slightly different because I wanted to make them flat. In original game they was rendered from perspective camera view using the 3D model in old 3D Studio Max program, so I've decided to port them to Blender and render in more consistent way, just like the other flat UI elements by using more relatable in such cases orthographic camera. Also texture of the 3D model is rendered flat, because otherwise that's not how you do illusion of the 3-dimensional things nowadays. In the future we're planning to add them bump-mapping shader to make them more convincing 3D-looking surfaces.

In Colobot there's plenty of such strange textures and they will be fixed later, especially when new models will be finished.

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