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Respond to EPSITEC (10/2015)
We received the answer from Pierre Arnaud to our latest letter:
Spoiler :
Quote:Dear TerranovaTeam,

You did a tremendous job, congratulations. And great to hear you are still full of enthusiasm for CoLoBoT ;-)

And the promotional YouTube video (Colobot: Gold Edition - Alpha 0.1.6) is really nicely done.

I’ve sent 5 copies of the signed license grants earlier this week and the snail-mail is on its way to Poland.

You may use the EPSITEC logo as depicted in images intro3.png and generic.png. And yes, you can add a vector-based 3D version of the logo in the game if you like.

Can you extract the vector art from the attached PDF?

Best regards

Well, I extracted this original vector from attached PDF, which was basically CD cover art of their Cresus software (I wonder why he didn't just sent a stand-alone vector of that logo) and made it blue, so it's ready to commit to our repo.

@Emxx52 will receive 5 copies of license and he will redistribute them to the people who want 1 copy.

Probably the best time to answer will be, when Emxx receive those licenses.

In this thread we will discuss what to write in answer to Mr. Pierre.

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