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Code Battle League
Code battles seem to be the most promising feature to ever be introduced into the game. It's about time to pump some life into this thing. After all it's asynchronus multiplayer and yet I've been only playing solo against the default enemy. Not very exciting if you ask me.
That being said I'd like to publish the very first CB league program:

MhrodeBattle by Mrocza
Available for download here: MhrodeBattle.txt

This program aims to significantly improve execution speed by cutting idle time (waiting for various resources) and substituting goto() with something refined minimalising distances traveled and angles turned.
Known issues:
The program does not work on the red team due to unexplained orientation issues. Angle calculation works in theory but fails on the battlefield. There are some minor anomalies on the blue team as well.
Additonal issues are noted directly in the program comments.

I'd love to get some feedback on this thing. Maybe someone could pinpoint what's wrong with my orientations.
Additionally I encourage anyone and everyone to post their own programs, even if they're as broaken as mine. Smile
Let's get things rolling...
The program has been updated.

Removed defence bot.
Removed PowerStation.

Now easily customisable with handy blocks (an attempt to make it DRY).
Now beats Nohus' program.

There is still space for improvement.
My Code Battle League program: MhrodeBattle.txt

Welcome back, Mrocza. You last visited: Sunday, July 7th, 2013, 02:12 pm

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