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Roamer scripts
Multipurpose roamer script both for ants and spiders. Following are mere examples of what your ant or spider can do:
1) roam aimlessly, 2) guard area, 3) sit in ambush, 4) find and attack any nearest enemy, 5) travel to some location, 6) being sort of decoration without attacking anybody.
And more than that, it could do all that stuff in sequence. I mean, for specified time your insect could do one thing at one location, then another thing at the very same or some different location, then... and so on.
I emphasize: these 6 points listed aboves are not some strict modes but just examples, because behavior of alien with this script is flexible and determined by values which you pass via cmdline in scene.txt.

Get it:
Within "returbot" gitlab repo. It is open for everyone.

Get scripts under names "m_ant_01.txt", "m_ant_02.txt" and "m_spider_01.txt". Detailed description and info on how to use them is also there.
Roamer scripts were updated to 1.4. My note on the update is here. You can still find old 1.3c versions in the /old subdirectory.

P.S. I do know that my commits are full of mess. But since it is not some official repo and I didn't learn git too finely to this time, it is that.

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