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This time I hope it will be done. A lot of functionality is actually missed. I found below plugins in the Admin Control Panel, they're recommended, so they should work with this version.
  • View Unread Posts -- must-have
  • Username Change Approval, Limit and History -- well, I don't know if it's needed, but we shouldn't let users to change their usernames by themselves. I was quite surprised when I saw this plugin. Needs some research.
  • MyLikes -- a simple like system might come in handy and there were complains about lack of it on the old forum
  • Top Stats -- it might encourage us to write more on the forum. This plugins or something similiar
  • Edit History Log -- a must-have for moderators
  • Announcement -- if it's not a built-in feature
  • My Permissions -- we might need it, better to have more permission settings than not have the needed one
  • Country Flag -- because of our international character, it'll be nice to see where everyone comes from
  • Fast Quote -- for convenience
  • Mark Edited as Unread -- much better refreshing system by editing posts than what he had on the phpBB forum
  • View Groups -- it was built-in in phpBB as I remember
  • Forum team online -- ability for every user to see which moderator is online is nice. Maybe we'll make it showing TerranovaTeam members also in the future?
  • Settings Cleaner -- dunno if it's really needed, just some organisation for the Admin CP
  • ToDo List -- sounds interesting and might come in handy, especially before we finally learn to use Trello properly
  • ProStats -- nerds love statistics Smile
That's all for now. You can come up with your suggestions.

@Schocker and @krzys_h , I ask you to install the above plugins.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]

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