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Weird ClassNotFoundException in Java
Hi, this question is mainly aimed at @tomaszkax86 as I know he has some experience with linking lwjgl libraries, but if anybody knows the solution to my problem please do answer Smile

I am currently using ant to compile my source code which uses lwjgl for opengl and slick-utils for texture loading.
I believe I have my build script set up properly as I am able to compile with lwjgl alone.

The weird thing is that even though I appended slick-util.jar to my classpath(which already contains lwjgl jars), the code compiles ok, but throws a ClassNotFoundException followed by a NoClassDefFoundError for a single class file (ResourceLoader) during runtime .
The exception is only thrown at runtime and only for that single class(all other classes from slick-util.jar work Huh or at least do not throw any exceptions yet).

What I already checked:
- classpath in the build script contains slick-util.jar
- the script correctly copies the jar file to lib directory used by my application
- the jar file contains ResourceLoader.class in a correct path
- my imports in the source code are correct

I have no idea what else could go wrong. Any ideas anybody?

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