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Small refactoring in build system
I just finished a small refactoring of our build system. It's now powered by Jenkins, instead of my custom scripts.
You can access our Jenkins installation at

What changed because of that:
1) Fixed copying of shaders into data directory
2) Language pack is now packaged together with data pack
3) Data pack builds are now triggered by commits to main code repo - this makes sure nobody forgets to update the submodule, and helps reduce bot spam on IRC
4) There are data without music and only music packages available, but not accessible directly from our main download page (you can get them here -
5) The build system now also runs unit tests, and marks builds as unstable if they fail [TODO: this needs to be tested, but it should work]
6) We are keeping up to 15 previous binary builds and 5 previous data pack builds, in case the builds fail
7) now redirects to our main download page
8) It should be possible to eaisly implement building of other dev-* branches

EDIT: Building of other dev-* branches is now implemented. They will work as soon as a new commit appears on them.

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