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Small refactoring in build system
(06-24-2015, 09:14 PM)krzys_h Wrote:
(06-24-2015, 08:29 PM)piotrdz Wrote: I have only one minor complaint to make: the "main" in names of builds "colobot-gold-main-dev*" is a bit confusing. I would name them simply "colobot-gold-dev*"
It's named like that because of how the script that creates new jobs when branches are created works ( I could probably figure something out to rename them.

The only problem is, my server has only 25 GB of HDD and huge part of it is already used, so I'm keeping only last 5 code builds and 1 data build. If we wanted to put this on main server, that's even worse (20GB HDD, 95% used already).
If there is some plugin that removes the compiled artifacts but keeps the build metadata for statistical purposes we could use that.

I'll try to work something out when I have more time. I'll try to set up my own Jenkins server and see how I can configure it for such use.

Edit: I think that we should also decide if we want to keep using Travis. As I've said on IRC, it is almost useless as things stand now. The only function it had until recently was to verify that build using GCC 4.6 was not broken.

Edit: I finally found time to create the tool that I wanted - I'll write about it in a new topic.

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