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Code battles - new gamemode, coming to alpha-0.1.6
Another thing is that we may need a support for different languages in groups/teams names.

Maybe this:

TeamName.E team=1 name="Bad guys"
TeamName.P team=1 name="Źli facetowie"
TeamName.E team=2 name="Good guys"
TeamName.P team=2 name="Dobrzy facetowie"
But still, I don't like the idea for one-character language code. I would everywhere can set the universal two-characters codes, like EN, PL, RU, etc., not only in colobot.ini file or as the switcher in command line. That should be standardized everywhere.

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RE: Code battles - new gamemode, coming to alpha-0.1.6 - by RaptorParkowsky - 07-09-2015, 11:01 AM

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