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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
NEW UPDATED HD YOUTUBE TRAILER IS HERE  (made for V2 on 24.05.2016) !!!!!!

If you have issues with sandbox on Amber: You may want to edit levels\custom\Amber\level005\scene.txt in notepad,
at the very end change the line:
EndMissionTake pos=317.5;295 dist=8 type=Me
EndMissionTake pos=317.5;295 dist=8.0 type=Me
I will fix it in the next version (If it will ever come).

Latest updates:
Added total of four Virtual Tactical Simulation levels.
First two were added earlier:
One is simplier and more firendly, other is not.
Both are unbeatable but always winnable survival time trials with randomly generated map, and your time score stored on disk! (Details below).
Next two were added recently:
They have been divided into training and challenge difficulty likewise, and both involve a convoy escort scenario.
Score is calculated based on remaining convoy health and distance between start location and random destination position.

[Image: fcr4tj.png]
To see how it looks now take a look HERE.

Tested and works with Colobot Gold Edition.

4 Planets
Amber - a desert planet engulfed in eternal sandstorm
Aria - alien, crystal world with clear sky
Ethertron - a disturbing cybernetic ancient monolith
And NEW: Virtual Tactical Simulation (well, not actually a planet) - a challenging virtual training reality
Other features:
  • Custom textures (made from free samples or other reedited textures), including several different ground textures for Aria and Ethertron, sand for Amber, hex stadium ground for VSR, and backgrounds based mostly on edited versions of Homeworld 2 backgrounds, edited new water and oil/water/energy textures (all are HI-res and seamless)
  • Custom or remade AI scripts for aliens and encountered bots! Weird stray bot encounters, aliens disrupting supply lines or striking when you least expect it,
  • Realistic feel, due to balanced planet enviorment, object placement, and attention to the detail (this goes as far as having different water movements and wind conditions, fog and vision in different missions),
  • Lore-friendly, balanced, but somewhat more realistic and demanding  missions, with some nice catches, or multiple ways to solve the problems, complete with briefings (F1 button - strongly recommended)
  • Immersive space adventure ambient music (free for non commercial use) and other edited and mixed music.
  • 8 different maps with hand made reliefs based on some random height maps or hand painted and filtered in a thousand ways,
  • 7 missions and two additional sandbox levels based on previous missions + two training exercise and two challenges!
Teaser screenshot cutouts attached below.

Please report any feedback/bug reports/suggestions or problems with game/diffiiculty/balance in this thread.  Currently I'm especially looking for feedback regarding game balance, and ability to accomplish missions without them bugging out. Thank youSmile


Updated level pack is on google drive, here's link, feel free to download, test and play it yourself:

Level Pack V2 - 24.05.2016 - With more randomly generated VTS simulations, and several game balance fixes!

To keep track of your VTS training/challenge efforts:

If you want to get your score in Virtual Tactical Simulation tracked,
move the 'files' folder from .zip with contents to your user colobot folder, you'll most certainly find it here:
On windows:
C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\colobot   - (note that it is NOT in program files)
On linux:
put 'files' folder in 'colobot' directory (when prompted to merge/replace, choose yes to all),
so the folder structure looks like colobot/files. From now on, you'll be informed about your score for four new levels when you play, and it will be stored in these files.

Spoiler :
Simply place the .zip as it is (without unpacking) in the following folder (thx to melex750 for solution):
For windows:
For Linux:

if it does not work, you may copy the "custom" folder into your "data\levels" directory instead.

More info:
Spoiler :
I loved Colobot as a child, and I love it now as I study automatics and robotics. It's my first post on this forum. I've recently been working for fun with some map scripting and texture editing for Colobot. It grasped me like nothing before, and I made those levels, motivated by seeing general lack of userlevels for Colobot/Colobot Gold Edition on this forum and the internet. This is BETA version, i plan on updating it and currently im working on yet another planet. I cannot learn much more by myself and cannot find any more bugs, especially cause I'm designing these levels to be beautiful for everyone who plays them, yet I only brute-play them myself in order not to waste too much time, and focus on design rather than playing the game as it should be played. I always wanted to show that Colobot could have some interesting immersive missions that will have better atmosphere. Colobot Gold Edition supports this in a unique way, allowing to load textures of higher resolution almost anywhere! (I plan on releasing an optional higher resolution/subtly reedited replacement texture pack for colobot some time later, depending on your feedback). This game could be so good if more people made balanced and attractive user levels!

Levels should work with Colobot: Gold Edition Dev version. Included files do not replace anything, so you can safely remove these files later. Don't face-check the files to avoid spoilers regarding map/resource/item layout or used AI scripts!

I assume 2 will be the final version, I don't plan on adding more content. (This time, for real) I applied some fixes, remastered some textures, and put some more ideas to live. (I'd still totally love to add a companion PracticeBot in the second Aria mission though... It's just too much to program its AI with just one thread.)
Credits regarding textures and music in attached txt file found inside archive (full changelog is there too).

Recent changelog:
Spoiler :
(Full changelog is inside .zip file)

06052016 1L:

Added two Virtual Tactical Simulation levels.
One is simplier and more firendly, other is not.
Both are unbeatable but always winnable survival time trials with randomly generated map.

Updated lens flares for all levels.

24052016 2:

So that finally will be v2!
Added another Virtual Tactical Simulation levels (convoy escort).
Updating Youtube trailer!
Slighly modified earlier VTS levels (game balancing and minor bugfixes).
Minor bugfixes for earlier missions too.

As for textures remade for 1J version - here's quick comparison:
Spoiler :
[Image: 2k0dfs.png]

Also - based on question asked by forum member:
-I don't have Colobot Gold Edition, will it work with regular Colobot?
-No. Get Colobot: Gold Edition here, it's takes around two minutes to download. (Around 100 MB).
(Details below)
Spoiler :
It most probably won't, you'd have to remake about anything. Get Colobot: Gold Edition here, it's takes around two minutes to download. (Around 100 MB).
It's free and it's the SAME GAME but better .

Post feedback, rate thread or write me a private message! You're welcome to do soSmile

For Colobot: Gold Edition check out my TrueLevels level pack, UI Texture replacement pack and Sound Effect replacement pack.
Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!

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