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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
(11-26-2015, 02:56 AM)True Destroyer Wrote: If you want to get your score in Virtual Tactical Simulation tracked,
move the 'files' folder from .zip with contents to your user colobot folder, you'll most certainly find it here:
On windows:
C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\colobot   - (note that it is NOT in program files)
On linux:
put 'files' folder in 'colobot' directory (when prompted to merge/replace, choose yes to all),
so the folder structure looks like colobot/files. From now on, you'll be informed about your score for four new levels when you play, and it will be stored in these files.
Is there any reason this is required? You could just check if the file exists and create it if not. You probably don't want to keep the files in the .zip file, I'm not sure if it'll take the one from save directory or the read-only ones from the archive.

I like the idea for the VTS level. Allowing for level generation in CBot is one of things I have planned, I have some ideas on how to improve level loading time when it's implemented.
It would be nice if you made the music loop seamlessly, like the main menu theme in the game. When you pause in the VTS level for a longer time the music ends and it sounds a bit awkward when it restarts.
You can automatically select the grabber after loading simulation is finished with undocumented camerafocus() command. Be aware that it may change in the future when I design proper API for manipulating camera in CBot.
The winning scene (and music) after the robot gets destroyed looks really out of place Tongue
Try playing the VTS levels from a top view (type 'camtype 11' in the cheat console and use numeric keys to navigate, there is no way to configure that in a level yet)
[Image: 4IIx1Ht.jpg]

I have to finally find some time to play through all your levels Wink

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