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crashes on Load key
Hi There,
I installed 0.1.6 windows installer version and when I click on "save" or "load" in any mission or Free game I get an error message and the game crashes.
Attached is a screenshot called TrueError.jpg.

I am going to try download the win64 portable version and see if that works better.
I am using windows 10 and version 0.1.4 worked fine.

I downloaded the win64 portable and tried it and it still crashes.
I appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks so much,
OK I found the problem.
I had added the old programs to "custom" and had copied my program files and previous program saves from the C:/User/Kevin/colobot directory over and version 0.1.6 didn't like that.
I have now cleaned everything and installed the 0.1.6 win-installer and played the first mission and saved and loaded and it works fine.

Sorry about posting for help too hastily.

Have a nice weekend!
KendyBot ...dreaming of autonomous replication.

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