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Custom Features
No matter what, there will always be features in COLOBOT: Gold Edition that some people will like, and some people will not like. So I thought of a system that will not only provide a compromise between them, but will also provide the best gameplay experience possible.

I suggest that there should be a page in the Options menu that will allow users to choose the new features. Almost ALL features added in COLOBOT: Gold Edition would be included.
-Features that are extremely difficult to make selectable.
-Features that the player is not required to use, and have nothing to do with original careers (such as Code Battles).
-Features that may cause copyright/license issues if removed (such as the ICC logo). 

This way, if a user does not like a new feature in the game, the user can deselect it and play without it. If someone does not like the new CBOT editor, they would deselect  the checkbox next to "New CBOT Editor" in the menu, and they could play with the original editor, but still play with the other features in the game. The game would have to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Some of the things that would be on the list:

-New CBOT Editor
-New Programming Course*
-New Objects (includes new aliens, bots, decoration, buildings, etc.)*
-New CBOT commands (factory(), build(), etc.)
-New Graphics (or possibly a subset to select specific graphics features, such as Dynamic Shadows)

* = if added

By default, they would all be selected, so the game would work normally unless a player purposely wants to change something in it. If New Objects was deselected and new objects were added to original missions (such as, if a new alien type was added to some of the original missions), then the game would load an original version of the mission without the new items. If the mission is NOT original, but New Objects is deselected, then either a message would notify the user that the level may not work properly, or the game would prevent the user from starting the mission altogether.

It may sound complicated, but much of this is only based on IF certain game elements are added; the base of it is: to create an Options page with Boolean checkboxes that will enable/disable new game features. All you would have to do is preserve some of the original GUIs, scripts, and files in a separate folder, and make the game load them instead of the default if the option is selected. Sure, it may take time, but it would eliminate most of the controversies over new features, since users will be able to select them.

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